Domestic abuse; Depression could become worse due to isolation

Local News

Being isolated during the pandemic could leave some people in more danger at home.

Counselors at Family Resources say people who are in danger of physical abuse could see their situations get worse.

They say they’ve already seen an increase in calls for help, the calls tend to involve patients at hospitals with problems who can’t bring people they normally lean on, whom they can’t invite because of visitor regulations.

Counselors says you can also call them if you feel isolation is making your depression worse.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out,” Nicole Cisne Durbin, president of Family Resources said. “We’re offering services via teleheath or the phone or if it’s safe to do so in person we will try to do that. But again, don’t be afraid to reach out. Everybody is stressed out right now. It’s normal to be overwhelmed during these times. I just want folks to realize there’s no shame in reaching out for help.”

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