The Doris and Victor Day Foundation, Rauch Family Foundation I, and the Rock Island Community Foundation announced grant applications for nonprofit agencies will open March 13.

Since its 1965 founding, Doris & Victor Day Foundation has worked to make a better Quad Cities a reality. With over $17 million in current assets, the Foundation has made over $24 million in grants since established. The Rauch Family Foundation I was established by brothers Albert and Less Rauch in the 1980s, restricting grants to nonprofits that serve the citizens of Rock Island. Since 1988, the Foundation has distributed more than $1.3 million in grants. Initial investments in the Rock Island Community Foundation came from the Foundation’s eight founders on April 16, 1967. The Foundation has since given over $2.4 million to community groups.

Deadlines for applications are as follows:

Grant information and access to the shared portal are here and here.