Downtown Davenport pizzeria profits during the pandemic: What’s bringing in customers?

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When the River Bandits announced their season would be on hiatus until 2021, businesses near Modern Woodmen Park thought profits would plummet.

The owners of Antonella’s Pizzeria in Davenport expected to take a big financial hit without the games.

Now they say it turned out to be the complete opposite, business is booming. They say they still have the River Bandits to thank for it.

“It was a little bit tough for our situation around the River Front, because everyone was looking forward to being apart of the season,” says Antonia Vitale, Owner of Antonella’s Pizzeria.

That was Vitale’s first reaction when it was announced the minor league baseball team would not have a season this year.

“We really thought that if they left we wouldn’t have seen those regulars that comes with baseball, and they had a routine. We were really frantic about it,” says Vitale.

Although the River Bandits aren’t playing at the park, the ball park is still being used for the community.

Over the summer the ball park has held more than 150 youth baseball events, and they’ve even hosted movie nights for the community.

“It’s really exciting that we were able to open our gates here to the community this year still. Even though it’s not a normal River Bandits game we’ve given a lot of kids the opportunity to play out here. Some weeks we just had a movie or two,” says Joe Kubly, General Manager of the River Bandits.

Vitale says those events have been great for business.

Vitale says, “It’s been wonderful. The people have been coming down, and they are enjoying their pizza, and then we’ll go enjoy a movie night. It’s been a very delight to have them back, that they’ve been using the space for that, and considering us around them.”

The next event at Modern Woodmen Park will be another movie night.

That will be Friday October 9th beginning at 7:30p.m.

Admission will be $5, and all proceeds will be donated to the Genesis Foundation.

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