Downtown Rock Island shop in business for a cause

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A new report shows that over 9300 brick and mortar stores have closed in the us this year.

The research company Emarketer predicts even with those closing, retail sales will go up 2 percent next year.

But most of those sales won’t come from traditional retail stores.

One store in the Rock Island District is in business for more than profits, however.

And with Christmas quickly approaching their discount prices helps out locals even more than one might think.

Good Things Now is a consignment store that runs completely off donations. As a part of Project Now, its goal is to help those less fortunate in the Rock Island community.

“Many people are in need all year long, but at Christmas, a lot of people wanna make it extra special,” Jen Howard, Project Now’s community services coordinator said. “They might not have the means to make it to the bigger retail stores and get things and you know, it’s just the thought of giving something versus nothing.”

But even if you can’t fit shopping there into your budget, there’s a few ways you can help.

“Most of the money goes to keeping the store open and running. We offer vouchers for customers in need so that they can shop for free,” Howard said. “And we run completely off donations from the community. We’re always seeking donations, since we run strictly on donations we can get in, the more we can help the community. And we’re always in need of plastic bags for people to take their items home in. So we will always take donations of plastic bags also.”

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