Dozens of children participate in this year’s Happy Joe’s Kid’s Micro-Marathon

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Dozens of children participated in this year’s Happy Joe’s Kids Micro-Marathon.

Children had the option of running a quarter mile, half a mile or a full mile.

Natalie Forest has participated in the Quad Cities Marathon for the past five years, and now, her daughter is following in her footsteps.

“This is Callie’s first time racing in the micro run. She has done a couple other races, but this is her first time with the QC,” said Forest.

Callie was excited to see many kids her age take part in different races.

“I think this is super cool that kids from everywhere can come and run just for fun,” said Callie. “I thought I would participate in it because I’ve done a few other runs, and they were actually really fun, so then I started doing it at home, and I thought it was super fun.”

Before the races started, children were able to warm up with the Quad City Storm mascot, Radar.

This was the first year the Williams brothers took part in the races.

“He did the quarter, and then me and Miles did the half,” said one of the three brothers. “I just like running.”

“I do too,” said another brother.

“I like running too,” said the third brother.

Forest says she’s glad children can enjoy these types of activities.

“After being in the pandemic for so long, it’s so nice to finally get these kids out and let them experience just being outdoors and getting involved in activities again,” said Frost. “We’re all very excited.”

Hundreds of runners made a pit stop Saturday afternoon at the Active Endeavors Health and Fitness Expo.

The expo has a little bit of everything, from yoga sessions to therapy dogs.

Many were also able to buy new running gear.

For some, running on Sunday means they will be participating in their first marathon ever.

“Yesterday, my jitters got to be, like, super overwhelming just because it is now just a day or so away, and sleeping tonight’s probably going to be a hassle,” said Jennifer Bertling, a racer. “I don’t even know how I’m going to do. All I know is I am going to finish.”

More than 4,000 runners are expected to participate in all five races over the weekend.

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