Dozens of concerned Silvis residents were in attendance at a meeting supporting opposition to the Apoyo Village Project, a low-income housing development for tenants from the Illinois Department of Corrections Re-Entry program.

Nick Carlson has been active in bringing awareness to the project and said he’s gotten support from many in the community. “So as it stands right now, we have what would count for essentially every single-family home within about a third of a mile of where they have proposed the facility signed saying they do not want the facility built there,” Carlson said. “On the petition, included in there are elected officials, local elected officials; there is the staff at Bowlesburg Elementary School. United Township board of education submitted a letter of concern to the city about what the project is,” Carlson said.

Stephen Matheis moved to Silvis last year and lives three-quarters of a block away from the proposed Apoyo Village Project. “I came in somewhat opened-minded, and I’m leaving totally against it,” Matheis said. “I mean, one of the things that was on the newspaper was that they wanted to become more transparent, and yet there was not one individual from the developer here today.”

He said after attending the meeting he’s opposed to the project. “I really don’t like that idea too well, and I know there are quite a few children in the neighborhood and things like that,” Matheis said. “We don’t want that. It’s just not the right environment for them.”

The 24-unit multifamily project, to offer supportive services, will be built via grants for the Rock Island County Housing Finance Corporation (RICHFC), a nonprofit affiliate of the Greater Metropolitan Area Housing Authority of Rock Island County (GMAHA)..