It’s now been over a week since a fire broke out at an apartment complex in Muscatine, and many people are still living away from home.

The blaze occurred just before 10 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 21, at Muscatine Tower Apartments.

It caused 86 people to evacuate the building, leaving one person injured.

While the building didn’t have a lot of fire damage, it suffered extensive water damage by the sprinkler system, which sent water everywhere.

Local 4 News spoke with one tenant who says she’d like to hear more from building management about the the situation.

“The frustrating part is just not knowing anything. Some people get to go back. Others … I guess you’re just kind of sitting around waiting for a phone call to find out what’s going on. We just don’t know,” said the woman. “That’s our major complaint. If somebody from the company that owns our building would just pop in for five minutes and say, ‘Hey, we’re working. We’ll keep you informed,’ but nobody has done that or apparently has any intentions of doing that.”

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