Drink up for National Chocolate Milk Day!

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Chocolate milk

Quad Citians love their chocolate milk! It’s become so popular that it has its own national holiday on September 27.

But as delicious as it is, it’s bad for you, right? Not so fast – let’s mooove along with some debunked myths on National Chocolate Milk Day:

  • Myth: Flavored milk is packed with sugar.
    • Fact: one cup of chocolate milk can have up to 24g of sugars, compared to 30g in orange juice, 35g in apple juice and 40g or more in sodas
  • Myth: Drinking chocolate milk causes weight gain.
    • Fact: A study found that children who drink milk (flavored or plain) do not have higher Body Mass Indices (BMI) when compared to non-milk drinkers.
  • Myth: People should refuel with a sports drink after a workout, not chocolate milk.
    • Fact: Chocolate milk is the sports drink of nature! Milk provides thirteen essential vitamins and minerals and helps rehydrate after a workout. 
  • Fun Facts: 
    • Chocolate Milk was first created in the 1700s.
    • The invention of chocolate milk was credited to Sir Hans Sloane, an Irish botanist, who, while in Jamaica, was served cocoa to drink, and he found it more palatable when mixed with milk. 
    • Sloane brought his milk and cocoa mixture to England, and it was sold as medicine for many years.

(Courtesy of the a2 Milk Company)

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