Drinking up for National Coffee Day!

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Every type of brewing method has its preferred coffee ground size, with a French press using the coarsest grounds, drip coffee right in the middle and espresso requiring the finest grounds.

Iced or hot, regular or decaffeinated, cream and sugar or black – no matter how you take your coffee, Quad Citians love their cups of joe!

Celebrating National Coffee Day on September 29, a recent survey polled a cross-section of 1,617 adults, aged 18 and over, and here are some of the findings, which may surprise you:

Do you like to treat yourself by going out for coffee?

☕ Yes – 57%

☕ No – 43%

How much do you typically spend per month on coffee?

☕ 0-$20 – 44%

☕ $21 – $50 37%

☕ $51-$80 – 13%

☕ $81-$100 – 3%

☕ over $100 – 3%

Approximately 79% of Americans reportedly go over their budget for frivolous expenses, including coffee, at least some of the time, so here are some tips for getting the most bang out of your buck, from Rebecca Gramuglia, consumer expert at TopCashback.com.

Budget accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, but it’s important to consider your budget when making any purchase, especially if it’s something that becomes a habit or is spontaneous. Gramoglia says about 30% of one’s budget can be on personal expenses, like coffee runs.

Hack the menu. Not many people realize that certain coffee drinks are more expensive simply because of their names. You can save some money by ordering the base version and adding any syrups and flavors as additional charges. This can typically save you upwards of a quarter, which can add up with daily purchases and save you over $90 a year. 

Save where you can. Take any and all opportunities to save. For example, look into purchasing discount gift cards for your favorite national coffee chains online through a cash back site to stack on additional savings.

In the end, enjoy your java for National Coffee Day!

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