Drought Worsens in Iowa, 99% of the State Now Affected

Local News

Iowa — Unless you live in Winnebago or the northwest corner of Worth County, chances are your yard or fields are overdue for some moisture.

The latest drought monitor released by the USDA and National Weather Service on Thursday shows less than one-percent of the state is not at least “Abnormally Dry” right. 99.37% of the state is experience at least some drought conditions right now. More than 14% of the state, a swath of 18 counties in west-central Iowa, is considered to be in “Extreme Drought” right now.

This is the worst drought Iowa has seen since 2012-2013. At the peak of that drought more than 75% of the state was considered to be in “Exceptional Drought”, the most severe category. No where in Iowa is currently in that category.

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