Early drought stages: July comes to a (fittingly) dry end in Quad Cities

Local News

Remember all that wet and snowy weather from earlier this year? Now we’re on the other end of the spectrum.

July is going to end up more than 3 inches below normal for rain.

While we technically still have a surplus for the year, things are getting very dry, very quickly around this part of the country.

We only had more than a quarter of an inch of rain one day in July, that was back during the first week of the month.

Since then, it’;s been dry day after dry day after dry day etc.

The first part of August looks dry too. We’ll hope for rain by the second week in August.

The next drought monitor update comes out Thursday. For the first time in months, a large part of our area was considered “Abnormally dry” in last week’s update.

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