East Galesburg Mayor, Police Chief and the entire Police Force resigns

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Along with the mayor, the police chief, police force and the maintenance staff has also resigned, community members have told our reporter.

Maintenance staff’s resignation is effective immediately. Resignation for the police chief and police force will be effective beginning Nov. 17, according to our reporter.

No official statement has been made yet.

EARLIER East Galesburg Mayor Teri Peterson submitted her resignation yesterday effective immediately.

In the resignation letter, Peterson said “it is evident that there are members that have had an agenda that focuses on the past board and undoing everything that had been put in place by the past board.”

Peterson also mentioned how she has been photographed, and video and audio taped in public without her knowledge or permission. She also shared how she has been misquoted on social media.

“The village employees are micromanagers and have been asked to do things that are unrealistic,” Peterson said in her letter.

We are gathering more information on what led to the mayor’s resignation.

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