East Moline cuts the ribbon at second business at The Bend

Local News

Weddings, banquets have the venue booked for all but three weekends this year

EAST MOLINE, Illinois — The second piece of East Moline’s The Bend is ready for business and city officials say more openings are on the way.

“The development has really taken off and it’s taken off much quicker than we … were even hoping it would take off,” said developer Mike VanDeHeede.

Travelling sports teams are keeping the Hyatt busy on weekends and the event center is booked for weddings and banquets all but three weekends this year.

“It all comes down to the point of public and private work. People working together,” said East Moline mayor Reggie Freeman. “If they don’t come in, we don’t move.”

Those partnerships are also building two apartment buildings, a strip mall and VanDeHeede said another big announcement is on the way.

“It’s just nice to see something really cool happen for this side of town and for the Illinois side of the Quad Cities,” VanDeHeede said.

Another business is opening tomorrow at The Bend. VanDeHeede says the gas station and convenience store on River Drive will be ready for customers.

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