Eating healthy this holiday season

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The holiday months means more people are likely eating more food and it can be harder to watch what we eat.

Teresa Pangan, a nutritionist for UnityPoint Health – Trinity said to try and stick with your eating routine as much as possible.

Since people are spending more time in the house, she recommends clearing off the counters and only having healthy food in eyesight.

Also, an easy change could be just using a smaller plate.

“Half what you have on your plate in half, just kind of scoot it over and eat that half and then pause and ask how hungry am I? Am I still hungry? I’m still hungry okay then half that and eat half of that and keep going halves until you’re just full. It will slow you down and help you pay attention,” Pangan said.

She recommends slowing down your eating by putting your utensil down or taking a sip of a drink in between each bite.

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