End could be near for East Moline’s 7th Street project

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The resurfacing project was supposed to be completed last fall

EAST MOLINE, Illinois — The flashing sign that reads, “Road work ahead. Expect delays,” takes on a whole new meaning on 7th Street in East Moline.

Orange pylons have a mile of the street between Avenue of the Cities and 26th Avenue since last fall. That’s when the resurfacing project was originally supposed to be done.

Bad weather keeps causing delays, but workers are supposed to be back out tomorrow.

“There’s honestly not that much work to be done,” said East Moline Director of Engineering Tim Kammler. “It just has to be favorable weather for them to finish it.”

While the contractor waits on weather, residents are forced to give up their street parking and sit in traffic.

“It’s like one of the busiest streets here and they sometimes will have it down to one lane and so they’ll be giant lines both ways and it takes like 20 minutes to get down it,” said Ariel Ward, who has been dealing with construction since she moved into a house on 7th Street last summer.

Federal documents show the total cost of the project is $1.3 million. Federal funding is covering about 80% of the bill, so the city is responsible for about $260,000=.

“I would say what it’s costing the city is some reputation and definitely, yeah, wearing on folks nerves,” Kammler said.

Kammler didn’t give an updated end date for the project, but said crews will hopefully be able to get a lot of work done over the weekend.

“Well, hopefully they know what they’re doing and they get it done, but honestly I don’t know and I don’t have much faith for it.” Ward said.

Kammler could not say if the city would no longer consider the contractor, Brandt Construction, for future projects, but he did say city officials are looking at creating a responsible bid ordinance.

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