Davenport City Council members heard the latest push to convert a couple of one-ways into two-way streets at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Public Works employees explained what it will take to make those changes to 3rd and 4th streets downtown.

Representatives with the Downtown Davenport Partnership say the change would be a good thing for the city and attract more people.

Public works conducted several studies on traffic flow. Re-working the entire stretch of 3rd and 4th streets would cost around $3.3 million. Public Works officials say it’s a good time for the change because the streets are already scheduled to be repaved over the next few years. Kyle Carter, the executive director of the Downtown Davenport Partnership, agrees.

“Loading zones are way out of date and need updating — period — and then on top of that getting this improvement for the whole neighborhood and the community,” Carter said. “There’s a lot of wins in this so we’re hopeful we’ll see the support when votes come in a few weeks and in the meantime we’ll just continue to educate and excited for people to bite into some raw data.”

The Davenport City Council will discuss the possible changes to 3rd and 4th at the next council meeting.