‘Everybody has been sold out’: Salt shortage in QC has snow removal contractors and local hardware stores scrambling

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There’s no shortage of snow and ice this winter, but there is a shortage of ice melt, and sidewalk salt. 

Super stores like Home Depot, Menard’s and local grocery stores have found themselves selling out of the ice melting helpers. 

Snow removal contractors are also having a hard time keeping ice melt on hand.

There’s such a demand, especially after last week’s storm. 

Hardware store owners say finding a source of supply has become a problem. 

Many roads in the Quad Cities are still packed with snow, and ice. 

“People need something to melt the ice, and move the snow. Everybody has been sold out,” says Butch Trevor, Owner of Trevor True Value Hardware Store. “We ran out yesterday morning in the first hour of business.”

Trevor was able to restock his shelves Monday morning, with a limited supply. 

“We have product to sale, not as much as we would like, but we have product to sale. If someone wants to come in, and buy a pallet I can’t help you because there’s only this left right now,” says Trevor.

His next shipment is scheduled Tuesday morning, but says finding a source of supply has become an issue. 

Trevor says, “If they know where to go there still may be some stock, but it’s hard to find a source of supply right now.”

“People are scrambling for it,” says Christian Tate, Owner of Cuttin’ it Close. 
Private snow removal contractors like Tate, are also having a hard time keeping ice melt on hand.

“Right now we’re out of salt until our semi comes in here in the next hour or so. It’s making it more difficult on the guys because the customers need it especially when it’s handicap entrances. They need to get in and out. The guys have to be chipping away unfortunately until we get that salt , and trust me they are all praying for that salt to come in any day now.”

Tate also adds be patient with your snow removal contractor.

He says they are putting in a lot of hours, and even with the salt shortage they are working to make sure sidewalks, and roads are clear. 

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