EXCLUSIVE: Parents of found missing girl are grateful for help from police force and neighbors

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They say it was the scariest three hours of their lives

Two parents in Moline are thankful after their daughter came home safe last night.
Alarms sounded when they reported the ten-year-old girl missing.

Moline police responded to the call around 8:45 pm on 45th avenue-a. That’s Cloverleaf Village.
Officers from other agencies and neighbors worked together to find  Chloe Hoss.

“She was gone, that I wasn’t going to see her no more. ” Crystal Hoss, mother of the reported missing child Chloe Hoss, explains her biggest fear when she couldn’t find her ten-year old.
She spent an hour looking for her daughter, searching places where she’d usually play. ” She always comes and checks in and on a regular basis, so. And she didn’t come,” says Hoss. That’s when she notified police.

“The details that came to us initially was that the ten-year old had not been seen since about 5 pm,” says detective Mike Griffin of the Moline Police Department. When police got there, it quickly became a serious search.
Five agencies, including the Moline Fire Department, Illinois State Police and Medforce were all on the hunt.

“When we have a missing juvenile like that around that age that is a very tender age, we- the whole shift will go,” says Griffin.

That’s a response Chloe Hoss’s parents are grateful for. “They pulled out all the stops to help find her you know. I appreciate that to the outmost,” shares the father of Hoss, Mario Welch.

Law enforcement weren’t the only one’s on the hunt. Neighbors joined the force, too. Just like Michelle Nissen, who says she put herself in Hoss’s shoes.

” I just imagined if one of my kids went missing and my husband was stuck at work what would i do,” shares Nissen. 

Luckily, ten-year old Chloe was located unharmed and out of harms way. She was found at her aunts home. Chloe’s mom says, “it was contacted that she had been picked up by my niece and it just wasn’t clarified that she had gotten picked up.” 

A case of miscommunication, Hoss says. She shared that earlier in the day, plans were made with Chloe’s cousin that she simply forgot.
Something she won’t forget, how the community came together.

“I mean we’ve only lived here for a couple of months, and they showed us a lot of respect in helping us try to find her.”

The parents are advising other to keep a close eye on their children and want to express their gratitude to the community.

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