EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Burglar tries breaking in to a Bettendorf home

Local News

Neighborhoods in Bettendorf have been targeted with car thefts. Bettendorf resident, Frank Zucker was fast asleep last night when a burglar tried breaking into his house. The burglar tried getting into a car in his driveway before trying to get in a side door, but they were locked.

Local Four News obtained the footage and when the security light came on, the burglar didn’t even flinch while he was trying to get into the house through the side door.

“Somebody had come up our driveway to my son’s car and checked that door and the security camera turned on at that point and he came over to the side.” Said Zucker. “We’ve got a side entrance to the garage and he checked that to see that was locked to see if he could get in and walked down the driveway to my daughters car and checked that one.”

Fortunately all doors to cars outside and the doors leading into the house were locked, but Zucker says it’s still very concerning.

“I’ve seen it before, but it became concerning because it was my house and then looking closely at the film it appeared that he also had a gun that he was holding in his hand and that’s what kind of freaked us out.”

When Zucker’s wife called the Bettendorf Police Department, they told her that looking at the video, the burglar could have been holding a cell phone instead of a gun.

“I’ve never seen anybody hold a cell phone in that manor.”

Zucker says that he has talked with some friends in Bettendorf and they knew of other neighborhoods that had cars stolen from them. What was concerning for Zucker was the way the burglar reacted when the light came on.

“You could tell that he’s experienced. We weren’t the first house that he stopped by and that was erie to see somebody that brazen because when lights come on you’re exposed.”

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