Exclusive Video: Standoff in Rock Island leaves neighbors stunned

Local News

A standoff took place in Rock Island late last night along the 2400 block of 20th avenue. Local Four News was the only station at the scene. Police responded to gunfire that eventually led to an arrest after squad cars and a tactical unit arrived on scene. After diffusing the scene officers arrested 63 year old Grant Carlson.

Dan Correll, a nearby neighbor recalls hearing the gunshot late in the evening. Carroll was shocked because he says it’s a very quiet neighborhood.

“About a quarter after 10 to 10:30 I heard what I though was a firecracker.”

Police say Grant Carlson ran back into his house after firing the shot. Neighbors say they saw squad cars and a tactical unit rush in shortly after. Correll says he went to bed after that, but less than an hour later there was more raucous.

“I heard over the loud speakers that they’re asking for the guy to come out.” Correll said.”So I got up being curious and they had a tactical I guess, if you wanna call it truck asking for the gentleman to come out with his hands up. “Maybe five minutes later I saw out the window that they were putting him in the car.”

Another neighbor that Local Four spoke to says they don’t see much crime in this neighborhood so this was a shock.

“I was rather surprised to hear. I think it’s been fairly quiet. Nothing out of the ordinary. That’s why I moved here. In this particular neighborhood.”

One home was hit by a bullet. Carlson is now in the Rock Island County Jail on charges that include firing a gun

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