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UPDATE: Multiple tower crews and a corporate engineering team, along with our own staff, continue to work on our microwave issues.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of the failure is yet to be identified.

The fact that the signals do occasionally come back up for a short time makes the troubleshooting and repair even more challenging.

This weekend, a microwave expert is flying in from Texas with additional test equipment and new transmission line.

We know this outage is very frustrating for our viewers and I can assure you it is very frustrating for our staff, our station and our company. Though we do not yet have a timeline for repair, it remains our highest priority.

In the meantime, some network programs are available online as follows:
KLJB/Fox – www.fox.com/entertainment/
KGCW/CW – www.cwtv.com/shows
WHBF/CBS – www.cbs.com/watch/

EARLIER UPDATE: On Thursday morning, our engineering crews got the microwave system back up and running, only to have it fail yet again.

In addition to our local and corporate engineering teams, we have professional microwave crews on the tower again today working the problem. We appreciate your continued patience.

EARLIER UPDATE: On Tuesday, we experienced a failure in the microwave system that moves our signal from our station to our transmitter locations.

A tower crew from Oklahoma drove in overnight last night and as of 5:40 p.m. Wednesday evening is still on the tower troubleshooting the extent of the problem and working to affect repairs.

Our over-the-air signals are impacted, as are secondary providers who rely on it for rebroadcast, including DISH Network and Comcast Cable. Because we feed our signal to Mediacom and on DirecTV using fiber instead of the microwave system, those signals remain relatively unaffected.

Rest assured we are doing all we can to restore our over-the-air signals and we apologize for the frustration.

EARLIER UPDATE: A crew is working on our tower to repair a leak in a transmission line. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will restore power just as soon as is possible. 

EARLIER UPDATE: Some of our viewers may be currently experiencing some interruptions, due to an outage.

Our engineering team is working on the situation, and will resolve the issue as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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