Experts: Prep your furnace now for the coming winter

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Heating and cooling experts say getting the furnace checked every year can help you avoid expensive repairs, as well as potentially dangerous gas leaks.

“We always recommend to everybody to have your furnace checked,” says Petersen Plumbing & Heating Company HVAC Division President, Kevin Lesthaeghe.

Yearly furnace maintenance is key to keeping families safe during the winter.

“Every year if you have it serviced the next year, it’s still going to have dirt in it. It still needs to be adjusted,” said Lesthaeghe.

Additionally, outside factors also can play a part.

“You’d be surprised at what is found around a furnace or water heater.”

Lesthaeghe reports that keeping everyday household goods within three feet of a furnace are a serious safety hazard.

“We’ve seen coats. We’ve seen cat litter. We’ve seen the dog food. We’ve seen a lot of things sit in front of that furnace … if anything happens to that furnace it’s just waiting to catch fire,” said Lesthaeghe.

Those are incidents local fire departments are used to.

“This is the time of the year when we usually get a call … when people are first turning (furnaces) on,“ said East Moline Fore Department Chief Jason Simmons.

If not maintained properly, furnaces can develop a crack in the heat exchanger or flue pipes, which could cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home’s air.

“You should have a carbon monoxide detector on that level.. You should have one on every level and where you sleep,” reports Simmons.

“Everybody gets kind of used to (a furnace) just running regularly, not having any problems. So you should have it maintained yearly.“

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