Eyes to the sky as QC Air Show takes flight

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Coming in hot, not just the heat and humidity but also the planes.

Thousands of people had their heads and eyes turned to the skies Saturday.

This is the 31st running of the air show after a short three-year break.

While it included several outstanding performances and demonstrations, many were there just to see the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, but not everyone does that from the confines of the Air Show’s grounds.

A feeling of awe.

Fan of the Air Show Lane McCaw said, “It’s cool to see what human beings have created since the Wright Brothers.”

Innovate of these metal birds is what brought David Harrison and his family to see them take flight.

Fan of the Air Show David Harrison said, “It’s really great to be out and see all the old airplanes and the new airplanes and all the speed and power.”

While he’s waiting for the main act with many other spectators just off the runway.

Harrison said, “Obviously the Blue Angels are the highlight of the show.”

Sometimes the best seats in the house, aren’t in the house or airport.

South of I-80 on West 76th Street is where Lane McCaw and family take in this show like many others.

McCaw said, “This spot is perfect because it’s right at the end of the runway so you see them take off and they come flying around from the other direction and come right back into the airport.”

This has been their usual spot for years when the air show comes to Davenport.

McCaw said, “It’s just a cool experience to come out and hear the planes flying by.”

The high flying fascination is alive and well this day because for many like Lane, this is tradition.

McCaw said, “Since about 1987 my dad told me he started bringing me out here.”

And the passion for these planes runs deep in his family.

McCaw said, “My grandpa was big into air crafts, my dad got it from him and then I’ve got and now I’m bringing my kids out here to experience it too.”

Just down the road to the west, Daniel Olson has staked a spot to also see the Blue Angels.

Fan of the Air Show Daniel Olson said, “Fly over our house where we live in Coal Valley. They fly over when they come in and out so it’s kind of neat to see them in formation.”

Taking in all the views and thrills not matter the location.

McCaw said, “Feel the vibration in your chest.”

But sometimes it’s better without all the hassle of traffic and cooling shade to help with the sweltering heat.

Olson said, “Definitely hot.”

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