Families enjoy the Rock Island Grand Prix

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Drivers from all over the coutry have been racing in this years’ grand prix in Downtown Rock Island.

The race started back in 1994 and has turned into the largest karting street race in North America.

Nicholas Fisher is a racer himself but this year he came to support his brother.

“It’s always good to watch them race they’re really good at it, it’s always good to watch them at race day. It means a lot to us being out here all these years and being a part of a Rock Island thing its been a lot of fun for us always,” said Fisher. “We always come here the whole family, all the Fishers come every year, yeah it’s always a lot of fun its a big family event for us.”

Audee Porter grew up in a family of karting street races, this year she’s cheering on her cousin and hopes to join him one day.

“So I can repeat family history for the races and stuff,” said Porter. “Just love watching the races, having fun watching my family members.”

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