Families who have children with special needs worry for what’s next

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School being closed parents who have children with special needs are worried about what can happen next.

Vanessa Spidle’s son goes to a special needs school in East Moline and said she’s worried about Leo who’s 4-years-old.

“It’s been effecting my son in may ways, he goes to a special needs school in East Moline and he has a strict schedule I won’t say strict but it’s a routine schedule he follows,” said Spidle.

His routine has changed due to the coronavirus school closures and his mom worries about his education.

“The way he’s learning I mean he’s nonverbal right now and they’re trying to teach him sign language I’m just afraid he’ll forget all about that so I just feel that with this Coronavirus shutting everything down and his school down it’ll slow him down,” said Spidle.

Lindsay Minch is also worried about her children especially her son Ryder.

“He’s had a kidney transplant so especially germs the works like anything can put him in the hospital,” said Minch. “The littlest thing can get him sick every time he gets a fever above 100 we have to call Iowa City.”

With places closing down she’s worried about how she’ll get medication for her son.

“I’m kinda terrified now because if they stop donig FedEx and UPS and the Postal that’s how we get his meds from Iowa City,” said Minch.

As for Spidle she hopes that with schools being closed it doesn’t affect childrens education.

“It’s relieving but it isn’t because he needs all that school time he really needs it, all kids need it but it’s worst for special needs children,” said Spidle.

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