Family Comes Forward With Nursing Home Complaint

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“I hope people are checking on their loved ones because I’m still in shock.”

That’s how Jodi Chambers-Wilson felt when she picked up her sister from the Royal Oaks Care Center in Kewanee.

Her sister has a mental disability and requires care around the clock.

“I received several calls from her crying saying her skin hurt,” Chambers-Wilson said. “Or that she had a headache and no one would listen to her.”

Chambers-Wilson found rashes on her sister and teeth missing from poor hygiene when she picked her up.

She said Royal Oaks had increased the number of medications she was on from 7 to nearly 30.

“I didn’t know about it until I took her out and they sent me home with a box of medications” Chambers-Wilson said.

Her sister stayed at Royal Oaks for three years and six months because their father was in the Quad Cities up until his passing.

Chambers-Wilson lives in Northern Florida now so communication with the nursing home was crucial.

“I would call and talk to a nurse and they would assure me everything was taken care of and handled” Chambers-Wilson said.

Chambers-Wilson said that her sister gained nearly 200 pounds during the time that she was in the care of Royal Oaks.

“I don’t know how one human can do something like that to another human being.”

Local 4 News reached out to Royal Oaks Care Center for comment, but have received no response.

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