Dog shot in the leg in her family’s back yard

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A family in Andalusia, Ill, is in shock after their dog was shot just a few feet away from their house.

On Saturday night, Leslie Anthony let her German shepherd, Javi, outside in her backyard to do her business, just like any other night. But when Javi didn’t come back, Anthony and her husband went searching for her, and found a trail of blood in the back yard leading to where she lay.

“It was at that point that we realized she had a gunshot wound to her leg,” Anthony said.

Javi had been shot in her own back yard. She suffered a shattered bone in her leg. The family suspected right away that hunters were to blame.

“It is the start of hunting season. We live out in the country. We’re surrounded by woods. We’ve heard gunshots all weekend,” Anthony said.

Although the family is confident in their prediction of how Javi got shot, they don’t think it was intentional.

“I definitely think that it was either someone who was either very inexperienced or very unskilled at hunting,” Anthony said.

However, Anthony says the fact that it may have been an accident doesn’t make her any less angry or fearful, especially since she has three young children who play in the back yard.

“I’m really mad that someone was so careless and that our dog was hurt,” Anthony said. “She was in so much pain, like you just hate to see that. And we were angry because our kids play out there too, and so there’s just a lot of ‘What if’s’.”

Now, Anthony and her family are asking hunters everywhere to be hyper-aware of their surroundings before they fire their guns.

“I think there’s a lot of lessons for people to learn from this, and a lot of lessons for hunters to remember when they go out into next shotgun season,” Anthony said. “Make sure they’re aware of their surroundings and how close they are to homes, and make sure that what they’re shooting at is not somebody’s dog.”

Stacey Teager, Anthony’s friend and the community services director at Quad City Animal Welfare Center in Milan, agrees with Anthony, and says Javi getting shot was likely because of irresponsible hunters.

“You absolutely have to know and see your target,” Teager said. “You can’t just shoot at something that’s a sound or, you know, movement.”

Now with rods, plates and screws in her leg, Javi has a months-long recovery process ahead of her. But she will be able to walk normally again eventually. As far as the Anthony family is concerned, they are just happy to still have their beloved Javi.

“We just are really looking forward to having her here for Thanksgiving and celebrating, and just being thankful for the fact that this didn’t end differently,” Anthony said.

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