The family of the 71-year-old Davenport man involved in the Muscatine homicide is grieving their loss.  

Investigators found William Talbot’s body inside a car submerged in the Mississippi River near Montpelier last Friday. Deputies arrested 36-year-old Joshua Scott Peters of Davenport on several charges related to Talbot’s death. Peters is in the Muscatine County jail on half a million-dollar cash bond.

Talbot’s family says he died in a car he just bought a few days earlier. His daughter, Tiffany Talbot, says that William had gone missing just two days prior.

“I got a call from my aunt Florence at 5:30 in the morning, saying that my dad was missing,” Tiffany said, recalling when this nightmare first began.

For two days, she’d hoped to hug him again, but tragically his body was found in the Mississippi River outside of Muscatine and she was the one asked to identify him.

“They gave me the news and I just started bawling. Like this can’t be true. My dad was my hero. The last couple of months he would call me, and he would say ‘Tiffany, I’m really proud of you and love you,” she recalled.

This loss has had a greater impact on the entire Talbot family. William’s family says that he was one of seven siblings. And he leaves behind seven kids, 16 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

“Nobody is really okay. We’re just all in a numb state. It’s horrible,” said William’s sister Florence Talbot. She says the way William died was nothing short of traumatic.

She says that they grew up near a body of water but were both always afraid of it.

“We had plans for a future that could’ve happened, should’ve happened. And this is definitely not his way of going, when we hate water,” said Florence.