Family of man found in the Mississippi River speak: say they’re grateful for search crews

Local News

HAMPTON, Illinois- Its been a bittersweet 24- hours for the Mitchell and Stokes family. What brought them to Rock Island was a family trip they take every year.
The family says they never thought a family tradition would end like this.

Ivory Mitchell, David Mitchell Stokes’s father, tells Local 4 News this was where his son was the happiest.
The victim’s family did not want to be on camera. They say a calm family outing suddenly became a scary and heart-breaking moment.
At least nine crews responded to the call in search of Mitchell. Officials spent four days looking for the 35 year-old.
Mitchell’s father says they’re persistence and determination to find his son is something he won’t forget.

Hampton Fire Chief Dave Johnson says incidents like these are never easy. “The family was continuing day and nighht to stay up in the area looking for closure, looking for peace. And the continuing thoughts that are in our head until we get that peace and closure is a really tough and difficult feeling too. ”

The Mitchell and Stokes family are in the process of making funeral arrangements.They want to thank all the search crews involved for their service.

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