A family from DeWitt is trying to help those who are trying to adopt a child.

Adoption fees may cost thousand of dollars, and the Berrie family knows that struggle first hand with an adopted daughter.

They decided to open a resale store called The Adopted Closet, with part of the proceeds going to families who are in the process of adopting.

Brittany Berrie started The Adopted Closet as a mission to help people with legal fees that come with the adoption process. It all started when a family member helped the Berries pay for fees when adopting their daughter.

“My cousin was asking about her and we got to talking and the adoption had not been finalized and she said when you get home go hire an attorney I’m paying for everything,” Berrie said.

Brittany wanted to find a way to help others since she knows what families go through while adopting.

“I had the idea of paying for someone else’s adoption because I know what that blessing feels like,” Berrie said.

What started as a yard sale turned into something more. “We were just going to do an end of the summer sale and then sell the rest and what didn’t sell, sell the rest online and it turned into a store,” Berrie said. “I know what that feels like to hear the words of it’s going to be taken care of and so the fact that I can do that for somebody else, it’s the purpose of everything; it’s the purpose of the whole store.”

When word got out about the store, the community rallied behind it. “I came out one day and the whole front of my house was just full of clothing and almost everyday at least 5 times a week we have at least a bag or box of clothing,” Berrie said.

Soon, The Adopted Closet will help a family from Davenport. “Our first family that we’re going to help their adoption is finalized next month, and they’re going to send us the balance,” Berrie said.

Brittany says one of her goals is to share the adoption stories of families they’ve been able to help.