Family-owned restaurants starting to recover from Monday’s storm

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Family-owned restaurants starting to recover from the pandemic got hit hard again by Monday’s storm.

Many of them are seeing major losses after throwing away food due to power outages.

Some of those restaurants have now been closed for three days.

The Shameless Chocoholic is just one of many restaurants in the Quad Cities that was affected by Monday’s storm.

“We didn’t get power back on until late last night and unfortunately we’ve lost the majority of what we had in our coolers and our freezers we had to throw all of that away,” Rebecca Burns, The Shameless Chocoholic Owner.

And now they are working to get back to business.

“We have to replenish all of our special sauces that we make here in house we have to replenish all of our lunch meats, we shave all of our lunch meats that kind of thing so it’s just going to take us some a little time to get back on our feet and get everything back together,” said Burns.

Bad Boy’z in Moline lost power around 1:30 p.m. on Monday.

“When the power goes out and obviously your coolers go down so anything that gets above that danger zone 40* you really start to begin you know playing with fire.” […] “we threw out quite a bit of food lucky we had an order come in and just in time to reopen.”

Lena Georgi is the owner of Cafe Express Deli in Davenport.

She says her faith will help her get through this tough time especially with the amount of money she’s lost

“Just food alone is over three grand and that we had to throw away with is really hard to deal with,” said Gorgi.

She’s thankful for the loyalty she’s received.

“we appricate our customers and the fact that they have been trying to come in the past few days we had to turn them all away, we really do appreciate the loyality of our customers.”

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