Police made an arrest in connection with a deadly shooting that happened Wednesday morning in downtown Rock Island.

Dayona Lee, 26, of Rock Island, was found dead at her home near 4th Avenue and 19th Street.

On Thursday, Local 4 News learned more information about Lee and had a chance to speak with her mother, Dawn Lobley, who says she’s still trying to deal with her daughter’s death.

“I already knew he had did something to her. I knew it was him when they said something happened at her house because he was abusive to her before,” said Lobley. “He had blackened both of her eyes, and he was just a piece of crap. For right now, we know that she was shot in the head … she did die instantly, so she did not suffer. That’s another thing we are grateful for … that she didn’t suffer. We just don’t understand why he would leave the kids in there and wait that long to call for help.”

People close to Lee held a vigil for her Thursday night at her home, where the homicide happened, bringing balloons and pictures to remember her and honor her life.

“This is where she lived, so we were releasing balloons on her behalf to show her that we still are here for her, even though she is not here,” said Lobley. “That we are still here, and we are not gonna stop until justice is served. Everybody loved her. Everybody. She was all about family, friends. Funny. She wouldn’t hurt a bone in your body … a bone in your body.”

Lobley recommends that anyone who is a victim of domestic violence seek help.

“You guys, domestic violence is not a joke,” said Lobley. “You need to reach out to somebody and get help because, if not, you’ll end up like my daughter.”

On Wednesday, officers arrested 27-year-old Shawn Boyd, of Rock Island, when he turned himself in at the police department.

Boyd’s bond is set at $2 million.

Police also arrested him on two outstanding warrants from Iowa for a weapons offense and parole violations.