Family thanks officer who came to the rescue when they were out of food

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This Thanksgiving time, a family from East Moline is thankful for a police officer who came to the rescue when they were out of food.

Kenna Watts bought groceries from Walmart to be delivered at home. But she says the food got delivered to the wrong place, and the store wasn’t able to refund her money right away.

“So that order right there was my last out of my pocket,” she said. “I literally didn’t have anything until I got paid next week,” said Watts.

So she tried to find a solution.

“I called the police and I said ‘I’m on my way to Silvis Walmart because I don’t know how this is going to turn out. I need a mediator because these people won’t at least give me my money in cash so I can go buy groceries. I need my money now,'” said Watts.

She showed the officers proof she had been in contact with the store.

“I looked at my phone how many times? I had talked to them. They saw the picture that they had not delivered to the right house. So I was not in the wrong. They were like ‘OK, we’ll and see what we can do for you,'” said Watts.

But things didn’t go as she had hoped. Officer Myers decided to step in and help the mother of three.

“He’s like ‘We’re going to go shopping. We’re going to shop all your items,'” said Watts. “Officer Grant walked down every aisle with me. He got every item on my list and he paid for it and put all my groceries in the car.”

Instead of losing groceries, she gained a new friend.

“Hi Keena. I’m glad I was able to meet you last night. I wish it was on better terms but God works in mysterious ways,” the officer told her. “I’m glad to help you and I would do it again if I needed too. Hope you’re having a better day!”

“And he reached out to me, actually – I didn’t reach out to him. This was him checking up on me the next day,” said Watts.

She says she plans to pay it forward someday and will deliver some food to the Silvis Police Department.

We spoke with a representative from Walmart who says Watts did get all of her money refunded and that the five-to-10-day processing time depends on the customer’s debit or credit card.

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