Farmers looking forward to a dry week after delays in harvesting

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Extreme weather this year of record cold, and rain, along with a drought at times threw off the timing for farmers this year. That leaves them behind on the harvest.

A lot of farmers couldn’t plant their corn and soybeans until June, because of the rain, but with positive weather predicted in the forecast, farmers are looking to take advantage on what should be a dry week. 
Robb Ewoldt, Scott County Farmer says, if farmers can get a string of fays with sunshine, you should see a lot of soybean fields get combined over the next few days. 

“Anytime we can put a string of days together, we need to take advantage of it , and we need to cover as much ground as we can. I keep looking at the forecast and I’m optimistic that we’re finally going to get that window that we need,” he says. 

Ewoldt says the delay in harvest will not have an impact on consumers, because there is such a large supply from last year. 

During the dryer conditions farmers will be out on the road moving field to field. They are hoping people will be understanding and patient during that time. 

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