Father and son fighting litter in Colona and want more people to join in

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A boy in Colona shows it doesn’t take a lot of work to make a difference.

Lincoln and his dad Joe Kindle spend a few hours a week on their bicycles.

They’re making their way around the block in their community and keep a close eye out for litter.
They’ve found there’s no shortage of trash.

Many times they fill up a garbage bag and buckets of recycling in less than an hour.

Lincoln Kindle describes what he finds while cleaning up, saying, “Fireball, a lot of cans, plastics, staws.”

As they make this a persistent effort, they know more can be done to make it a community one.

Joe Kindle said, “We actually started with a bucket with a strap and we just kind of walked around and then we ended up acquiring a cart, not too long ago and it’s definitely helped out.”

Their goal is simple, pick up as much litter that can fit in the cart to keep it from polluting more than just the side of the road.

Lincoln said, “I saw a video of the straw in a turtle’s nose, and if they didn’t save the turtle, the turtle would have died.”

That has Lincoln keeping his eyes on the hunt in what’s not a new mission for this family.

Joe said, “Ever since he was tiny, he’s been picking up trash with me. We work together, but these last couple of years, he’s really picked up his game. You take him anywhere, if he sees it, he’s trying to pick it up.”

Lincoln said it was the actions of Living Lands and Waters that saw him elevate his initiative.

Lincoln said, “When I was in the fifth grade, I read an article about Chad Pregracke, and he was picking up trash, and he started a team, and so I don’t like people littering.”

And while a ways to go before collecting Living Lands and Waters 10 million pounds of trash, what Lincoln’s doing is getting noticed in his neighborhood.

Lincoln said, “They say you’re doing a great job and keep it up.”

After collecting dozens upon dozens of bags of trash, what Lincoln wants next is for this to be more than just him and his dad.

Lincoln said, “I would like other kids to help.”

Because it’s about small action and vast results.

Joe said, “Take care of your earth, take care of your community, just do your part instead of just hoping someone else will.”

They also carry out their cleanups when going to the lake or finding stray trash while hunting and making sure it gets tossed.

Lincoln said one of his goals it to meet the founder of Living Lands and Waters, Chad Pregracke.

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