Father inspired by daughter who battled cancer for two years

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A man from Bettendorf is sharing the ways his daughter inspired him after her two year battle with cancer.

Kenzie Gamble died December 16 from ovarian cancer. Her father said she always had a smile on her face and kept a positive attitude the whole time.

“Sassy, bossy fun, and those would probably be the big words that, I mean she always had a smile,” said David Gamble, Kenzie’s dad.

Two years ago, when Kenzie told her parents something felt wrong about her body, she went to get checked.

“She had a little bit of high blood pressure, but she didn’t have any pain. It was just she felt sluggish and not herself,” David said.

That’s when a CT scan showed a 22 pound tumor growing off of one of her ovaries. She had surgery to remove it and went through chemotherapy and was cancer free in April 2018.

But, the cancer came back.

“Then we had her tested again and radiation worked and she had beat it a second time.”

And the cancer came back one last time.

“Kenzie’s attitude through this entire process, the whole 2 years was just smile, it’s not as bad as every body thinks it is,” David said. “She never let anybody know how bad it was.”

Even while she was sick, she stayed involved with Dance Marathon, which was one of her biggest passions.

“She loved going to Dance Marathon events and seeing kids with their bald head she had her bald head and the kids would go, do you have cancer too? And she would go, I do. And they had that immediate connection,” David said.

Her love for helping people in need is one of the ways she inspired her father.

“Kenzie inspired me through all of this, just to look at the bright side of everything, no matter how dark your life gets or how hard things get, it doesn’t mean you can’t be nice to somebody.”

Gamble wants to let people know that anyone can get cancer and it’s important to go to your regular doctor appointments or see a doctor if you do feel something is wrong.

A GoFundMe page that was helping raise money for the family has hit its total. Part of the money was going to help pay off Kenzie’s student loan debt, but it has been forgiven by the loan company and will be donated to Dance Marathon in her honor.

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