‘Finally, my dream is becoming reality’: Construction work resumes for Habitat for Humanity QC

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The pandemic prevented a Quad Cities nonprofit from doing business as usual this year.

Now, Habitat for Humanity is putting up new homes again and giving families a fresh start.

Habitat for Humanity Quad Cities kept building new homes, but they’ve taken longer.

Construction went on hold for months when the pandemic hit last year.

Employees had to figure out how to work safely.

Now that construction has resumed, families who have waited months will soon be able to move into their new homes.

After a nearly three-month hiatus, Demessi Djibon — a mother of two children — says this is the moment, she and her family has been waiting for.

“I’m happy that, finally, I’ll be moving to my own house, and my kids will have more room,” says Djibon.

With Djibon also volunteering at the job site, she says the organization has been a godsend in the lives of her children.

“My older one, I showed her the plan for the house. She already picked a room and what color she wants for the room. They’re so excited,” says Djibon.

Volunteers like Wally Mook are also excited. He has been with the nonprofit for the last three decades.

“Most of us that are working here today are retirees, and so this gives us something to do with our free time,” says Mook. “We didn’t do any work from about Thanksgiving up until the first of February this year, so the house sat vacant.”

With masks and social distancing in place, volunteers are able to complete their mission.

“Right now, we’re operating not quite at full capacity. We are still working the same amount of days per week, and we are just having about five to six volunteers onsite per shift,” says Rebecca Ludin, Volunteer Coordinator.

Mook says, despite the challenges, the joy in seeing the smiles on the families’ faces is what matters the most.

“They’re all thrilled to be able to have a home they can call their own,” says Mook.

Hoping to not only build homes but also hope.

“I’m happy that, finally, my dream is becoming reality,” says Djibon.

The nonprofit is hoping to have the new home completed by the end of May.

They are also accepting applications now.

They need everything to be submitted by March 23, 2021.

For more information about volunteering or becoming a recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home, visit the nonprofit’s website.

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