Finn’s Grill to provide 400 free meals the day after Easter

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Finn’s Grill will provide 400 free meals to the public for Monday Funday, the day after Easter. Owner Joe Ende wanted to find a way to thank the public for all of their support over the years. When he first opened up the grill, one of the first things he wanted to do was provide free meals on Christmas. Now with the Coronavirus Pandemic, Ende saw a need and wanted to help out.

“I wanna use that meal now and kind of hand it out for Easter I think in a time of need and just kind of get it out to the public now to thank them for what they’ve been doing for us.”

Overall business is doing well for Finn’s. This past week someone broke into Grinders & Spaghetti House in Moline and Ende immediately stepped up and ordered them a new door.

“I don’t really know anything about Grinders other than they have outstanding food too and I just saw a need so a fill a need kind of a theory right.” Said Ende. “And we just wanna make sure with everything that’s coming into us, we give it back if we have it and I saw an opportunity to help.”

Ende owns multiple businesses and he used Finn AV to help out some other companies by installing some camera’s.

“We’ve went in and put some camera’s in for somebody else that had an issue. We waved all their fee’s for their POS systems that we built and their internet stuff.” Ende said. “We just recently put in some awesome stuff for at Wheelan-Pressley Funeral Home so they could view their funerals live and be a part of that with limited people being allowed to visit the funeral home right now.”

Finn’s Grill still plans to give away free meals on Christmas again. Their goal this year is to hand out 600 of them.

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