Firework effects on veterans, animals

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While many people celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, for others, the loud sounds remind them of something else.

Veterans can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder from fireworks.

Sandy Vanatta, daily operations manager at Quad Cities Veteran Outreach Center, wants veterans to know they can get help.

“There’s a lot of options out there for them,” Vanatta said. “Maybe some kind of activities to keep them busy, maybe putting on a headset, listening to music for certain times as well as providing some signs that would make the neighborhood aware that this is a veteran’s home and they do have some issues with fireworks.”

Veterans can put up signs that say: Military Veteran Lives Here, Please Be Courteous with Fireworks.

Veterans who are struggling can get help through Military with PTSD.

The fireworks also affect animals because their senses are stronger than humans.

Rochelle Dougall, assistant director at Kings Harvest Pet Rescue, encourages people not to bring their pets to a firework show and to keep them inside.

“While they’re inside, create a really nice sanctuary for them,” she said. “You know a kennel with a blanket in a room that has no direct access to outside, any space that’s really sound proof.”

Regardless of who is affected by the fireworks, Dougall wants people to be respectful.

“Just be mindful of that, be considerate of that,” she said. “If you have pets, you know how it goes, you know how it is and all we want is the best for our animals so you know be considerate of your neighbors.”

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