Staying home was a good idea for those who didn’t need to go out this past weekend.

The first day of the new year brought in the worst snowstorm so far of the 2022 winter season.

A lot of people stocked up on groceries Friday in preparation for Saturday’s winter conditions.

Others weren’t able to make it out sooner and had to head out during the storm.

Plows were out all day on both sides of the Mississippi River.


Local 4’s Matt Holderman described the road conditions in Iowa Saturday afternoon and evening as “treacherous” — leaving downtown Davenport practically deserted, dreary and anything but dry.

He says 15 to 20 mph was just about the fastest vehicles could go because roads were so bad.

Workers got some important areas, like hills on Harrison and Brady streets, mostly cleared of snow.

Areas such as the ramp up the Centennial Bridge, however, were a whole other story.

Matt saw a handful of cars getting stuck in the snow, sliding backward down the bridge, while others took minutes to get up it.

He caught up with Frank Flanagan, a Davenport resident who braved the weather conditions from Illinois to Iowa.

“It is very cold and windy and snowy,” said Flanagan. “The roads are still pretty rough. I just came from Moline to downtown Davenport, and I was pretty much on a sled the whole time trying to get over here.”

Despite strong efforts from city workers, the roads were still difficult for Flanagan to navigate.

“The roads are pretty rough, but obviously, there’s a bunch of people who are are … it seems like they’re pretty active trying to fix it, so that’s pretty cool,” said Flanagan. “I guess this is what we get for not having it all December … just kind of saved it all for Jan. 1.”

Flanagan’s plans were to stay home the rest of the day.

“Just staying in,” said Flanagan. “Not driving anymore.”

It wasn’t a great day for ice skating in Bettendorf.

Owners and operators of the Frozen Landing ice skating rink worked to clear the snow, which usually takes less time with the help of a Zamboni.

The City expected skating to be back open to the public on Sunday.


It was a wintry mess on the Illinois side as well.

Local 4’s Kennedy Cook was near the District of Rock Island Saturday afternoon, where a couple of drivers and plows were spotted.

She says, as plows were busy all afternoon, drivers were seen taking it a lot slower than usual while driving on the slippery roads.

She spoke with a snow plow worker for the City of Rock Island, who said he had been facing some challenges with equipment during the storm, but his main focus was keeping the roads open.

“We want people to be safe, so if they do have to go out, or if they are out, the roads will be open for them,” said the worker.

He added that not having so many people on the roads was extremely helpful.

“Especially downtown, where there’s a lot of cars parked, it makes it very challenging to navigate in and around the vehicles and still provide the roads accessible and stuff like that, so this makes it real nice because then, it’s just kind of wide open and makes it easier to be able to clean out and to be more efficient and effective in doing so,” said the worker.

Kennedy stopped by Snowstar in Andalusia, where the hills were covered in snow, and some people enjoyed tubing as part of the park’s opening weekend.

Saturday’s storm caused many churches — including Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Rock Island and Messiah Lutheran Church in Galva — to cancel services on Sunday.