Universities across the country are canceling or postponing this year’s graduation ceremonies. Walking across that stage is a milestone for every student that won’t be easy to miss. That’s definitely true for students who are the first in their family to finish college.

Alexia Sanchez is an undergrad student from the University of Iowa who’ll be graduating with a double major and a double minor this spring. She says graduating from a 4-year school is a huge milestone for her and her family.

“My family came to the U.S. so I could pursue a better education and get that college degree so for me to not be able to experience that with my family with my support system definitely breaks my heart,” said Sanchez “I was born in Mexico so yeah we moved here when I was 5 years-old.”

Sanchez said her mom’s main concern is staying safe during the pandemic.

“Her first priority is my health and safety and that’s what administrators are looking are right now.”

The University of Iowa announced there will be an alternative celebration for graduating seniors.