First responder aircraft training at Whiteside County Airport

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A lot of things can go wrong during a flight on an airplane, that’s why about 30 emergency workers learned how to respond to an air rescue at the Whiteside County Airport.

The airport put several airplanes on display so the crews could get familiar with some of the airplanes that are based at the field. Authorities say the training is important to be able to respond to an emergency involving an aircraft.

First responders learned aircraft safety, hazards, and evacuations to be prepared if an airplane accident were to happen.

Drew Wilkens, Board President of Whiteside County Airport says, “There are different variables when it comes to air craft versus vehicle accident, so having that familiarization with an airplane it could be life or death.”

One first responder says although an airplane accident is something you don’t expect or want to happen, it’s important to be prepared in case one does.

“I know we had an airplane go down a couple years ago, and doing the extraction, getting that pilot out of that aircraft was very tedious. It was very hard to do, because we had no understanding of the construction, and this is really going to help us serve the public better,” says Michael Dettman, Deputy Fire Chief of Twin City Joint Fire Command.

To accommodate different shifts there was a morning, and afternoon session held. There was also one hour of continuing education credit available, made possible through the air-evac life team.

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