Flood mitigation efforts in the works for City of Davenport

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Businesses and residences situated along the Mississippi River are at the forefront of discussion regarding planned flood mitigation for the City of Davenport.

“This program would target properties for acquisition that are located in the floodway that are repetitive lost properties,” said Theresa Stadelmann, project manager for HR Green. “They were identified during the Silver Jackets Project and assessed for their flood risk and mitigation alternatives.”

According to Stadelmann, the program would benefit the City, as well as homeowners in flood-prone areas.

“Acquiring targeted properties would include removing owners from that ongoing risk that they face and also reducing City effort to furnish services in flood-prone areas,” said Stadelmann.

Stadelmann says her group is using previous studies on flood risks to incorporate flood resiliency.

“This sort of program would encourage private owner responsibility for flood risk and, again, balance the private and public investment in resiliency,” said Stadelmann.

A plan getting a thumbs-up from newly reelected Mayor Mike Matson.

“We picked a good firm, but boy, does this validate that, and I thank you for your work. I look forward to continue working with you, and the citizens should be proud,” said Mayor Matson to Stadelmann.

Davenport’s Aldermen at large, Kyle Gripp, echoed a similar message after the meeting.

“I thought HR Green did a great job of taking into account all of the different items that we asked HR Green to look at,” said Gripp.

According to Mayor Mike Matson, the city council will officially take up this proposal at next week’s meeting, having whatever discussion is needed and hearing public comments that will be followed by a vote to approve or reject the flood mitigation proposal.

However, that’s not the end of it. They will still need to look at and vote on more specifics that would be encompassed by this plan.

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