Flood wall not on the table at first Davenport Flood Task Force meeting

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The first Flood Task Force meeting is under way in Davenport this afternoon.

Right off the top, Mayor Frank Klipsch said financing and whether or not to build a flood wall are topics that won’t be discussed today.

The 22-member task force will focus on reviewing the current flood plan, identifying and prioritizing what’s protected and discussing shared responsibility.

City administrator Corri Spiegel reviewed the flood plan and said it focuses on protecting the city’s assets. For example, the water pollution control plant and streets.

Spiegel said staff has already started reviewing the flood plan and is looking at what shape the HESCOs should be in and if they should remove the River Drive medians.

One of the projects a city official wants the task force to look at is creating flood protection for the water treatment plant. At 21.5 feet, workers have to start sleeping at the plant.

They’d like protection to 27 feet.

The 22 members broke into small groups, where they’ll discuss what should be protected and what priority it takes after looking at which areas flood.

Here’s what the groups came up with:
Group 1 – all of the riverfront needs to be protected equally
Group 2 – prioritize water pollution plant, sewers & compost facility
Group 3 – River Drive should be top priority
Group 4 – water pollution plant, sewers & interstates

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