Floreciente Neighborhood helping to complete a brighter community

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The Floreciente Neighborhood is coming together to brighten up their community this weekend.

They’re painting a mural on the retaining wall of a former gas station that’s being repaired by a retired husband and wife.

Local Four and Fox 18 News brought their story when they got help from John Deere employees.

Felix and Mary Vallejo, who live right across the street decided to buy and fix up the eye-sore.

The Vallejos have been working with Global Communities in Moline to help push this project along on 5th Avenue in Moline, but the idea for this work was their’s alone.

Saturday, July 14, neighbors and their kids were back home to help complete this vision. 

Felix and Mary Vallejo’s daughter Ursula Miniter said, “I know dad has plans and loves this place. My mom too. Their heart is really here on this corner.”

After four decades of calling this neighborhood home their address right across the street from this project, Felix and Mary Vallejo watch as the community helps them give back, but it doesn’t come as a surprise for their family after all they’ve done here.

The Vallejos’ granddaughter Lily Miniter said, “They do this kind go thing all the time. Like they’re fixing up apartments here and there’s a house that they’re fixing up.”

The Vallejos’ daughter Ursula Miniter said they made a name for themselves in the 1980s and 90s donating countless hours of their time.

Ursula Miniter said, “Took a break really to just focus on our family and now they’re back. They’re retired and they’re excited.”

That excitement is a common feeling for those calling this neighborhood home, especially that this former piece of blight getting some new life.

Floreciente Board Member Paula Ramos said, “Doing a lot of other improvements in the neighborhood and this is one of the things that has been on the [Floreciente] Board. Finally, it’s become a reality.”

To make part of that change, residents have turned to paint.

Lead mural artist Sarah Robb said, “The mural will have these silhouettes of kids playing and doing different activities. A mom and a dad, the importance of family.”

And this mural is giving families a chance to spend time together because there is nothing like building a home. 

Ursula Miniter said, “I wish there was another house on the block that I could more my family onto because it’s really a special place.”

In addition to the painting, there were other activities and food for those helping out with the mural.

The Vallejos are also continuing that work fixing up the old gas station.

Three more days are planned to work on the mural.

The next opportunities will be Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21.

For more information, visit Global Communities of Moline’s Facebook page

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