Food pantry burglarized, but services will continue despite setback

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“There were cases of diapers. This whole wall was full of items. There were cases of bottled water and cases of Starbucks coffee.”

The burglars also left quite a mess behind in the Downtown Depot in Galesburg

“Whoever did it picked and chose what they wanted to take. They took coats, clothing racks, multiple other food items. And then what they’ve done is took some property off their personal vehicle and left that stuff behind, but took our items that we give out to the community,” said Champ Coleman, a volunteer.

One of the items they left behind was a car seat. Champ Coleman says that, while this is a big setback, the food pantry is determined to come back stronger than ever.

“A lot of these people that we deal with depend on us,” Coleman said. “A lot of them have reached out to our food pantry that we have in town and they don’t give meals on Monday so this is a huge loss for thousands of people in our community that we work with.”

Despite the major setback the Downtown Depot still will be open on Monday.

“I have another pantry that I work with and we will take stuff from there and bring it over here so we can get back to doing what we need to do.”

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