‘For the month of January, we’re sitting at about 1,400 calls’: Tow truck drivers busy with calls after the winter storms

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Getting rid of the snow isn’t the only thing people needed help with after the snowstorm.

Some cars got stuck in the snow.

At Kendall Towing Company in Milan, drivers spent the day taking calls and pulling cars out of ditches.

The dispatcher, Kurstin Pangrazio, says they have responded to more than 1,400 calls in January alone.

“Obviously, that’s going to go up as the month comes to an end,” she says.

It’s proof it’s the busiest time of the year for them.

“Obviously, with the snow, we’ve increased quite a bit. Rather than just normal breakdowns, you have people that are stuck in their driveways, people who slide off the road or people who do, in fact, get in accidents with other people. I’d say we definitely double and triple in volume once bad weather hits,” says Addison Ryckeghem, owner of Kendall Towing.

Ryckeghem says, on days like today, the towing company brings in a lot of revenue. But this job is about more than just making money, and he wants people to be safe out on the road.

“Don’t go out unless you have to. That’s a big thing. If you do slide off a road, and if there’s a lot of people out, there’s no telling on how long it’s going to take somebody to get to you. You could be out there for a half hour, or you could be out there for three hours. So, have the appropriate materials that you need,” says Ryckeghem.

The owner also recommends having a full tank of gas and a fully charged cell phone so you can call for help if needed.

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