Former Alderman explains his reasoning for using city credit card

Local News

A former Rock Island alderman is being asked to pay back certain purchases he put on his city credit card.

Some of the items in question are Rock Island cuff links, a bulletproof vest and gas.

“I bought that bulletproof vest to protect me while I was in Chicago and when I go to other cities,” Mayberry said.

He said he bought the cuff links to represent the city wherever he goes.

He said he was approved for all of his purchases.

“Because it was totally legal,” he said. “It was totally ethical. It was totally within the realms of my office. I did nothing wrong with that credit card.”

He is adamant that he used his city credit card for work purchases only.

“I have no plans whatsoever of paying something back that I don’t owe,” Mayberry said.

Rock Island City Manager Randy Tweet said this is the first time the city has asked someone to pay for unauthorized charges.

It is unclear what will happen next if Mayberry does not pay the amount.

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