Former civil rights commissioner speaks out

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A former member of Davenport’s Civil Rights Commission is speaking out.

Randy Moore resigned from the commission this week.

He is the second of the 2018 appointees by former Davenport mayor Frank Klipsch to resign.

“Every meeting that I attended, we could never really get into the meeting,” Moore said. “And it was around the controversy of who was a legitimate commissioner and who wasn’t. That was always a resounding issue. That’s the real reason we weren’t or I wasn’t able to get really in-depth understanding of the status of the commission.”

Moore says that this made it difficult for him to serve the way he wanted.

“It just seemed like we were kinda spinning our wheels,” Moore said. “While I had a big interest and I still have a big interest in helping those in the community I can support at whatever level. It just began to feel like a poor use of my time.”

Moore said that he felt the issues surrounding the council prevented them from helping the community.

Q: Do you think the civil rights commission was able to do some good?

A: “Unfortunately, from what I observed, and what I was a part of, I’ll have to say no. But again, my involvement was pretty superficial.”

We reached out to Davenport’s city attorney Tom Warner, but wasn’t able to be reached

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