Former RI prosecutor fights back against allegations she withheld evidence in 2008 murder case

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A former Rock Island County Assistant State’s Attorney fights back against allegations she withheld evidence in a murder case she prosecuted 12 years ago.

Margaret Osborn’s Attorney came forward with evidence today he says exonerates Osborn.

Osborn prosecuted Nathaniel Onsrud for the murder of his four-month-old son.

Onsrud originally pleaded guilty to killing the infant.

He was released from prison in June after evidence provided by the Illinois Innocence Project showed he might not be responsible was never presented to the defense team.

The first degree murder conviction was vacated.

Rock Island County State’s Attorney Dora Villarreal pointed the finger at Osborn for several missing documents.

Osborn’s team now wants a public apology from Villarreal for damaging Obsorn’s reputation.

“Margaret Osborn understands these events have to be very agonizing for the Lancial family. She wants the Lancial family to know she understands their pain, and she assures them she properly prosecuted Nathaniel Onsrud,” says John Doak, Osborn’s attorney.

We contacted Dora Villarreal after Tuesdays developments.

She says the matter is in the hands of the Illinois Attorney registration and disciplinary committee.

Villarreal issued a statement saying “The States Attorney’s Office strives as part of their duties as prosecutors to seek justice, and for all to be treated fairly. We sincerely hope that Miss Osborn will participate meaningfully with the investigation, and that this matter will work its way through the process to its natural conclusion.”

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